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Iune 2024 Newsletter

Jul 3, 2024

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Aloha Hui Members!

As we welcome Iulai, we hope that everyone is enjoying an abundant and fulfilling summer. Here at the Hui Mākaʻāinana o Makana, our summer has been vibrant and enriching, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of our keiki and the sharing of knowledge within our community.

Our Kauwela Keiki Summer Program and Hāʻena Biocultural Internship are in full swing. Our keiki and interns have had the incredible opportunity to explore the ahupuaʻa, all while learning about the interconnectedness of the 'āina from mauka to makai. Stick around to check out some videos our interns made and pictures of thier adventures!

We've also had the pleasure of welcoming group visits from Oʻahu, and community members at our Lāʻau Lapaʻau Workshop. These visits have been a highlight, strengthening our community ties and fostering a network of knowledge.

Mahalo nui loa for being a part of our Hui and for your continued support and involvement!


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'au Lapa'au Workshop

15 Iune 2024


On 15 Iune 2024, Hoʻola Lāhui Hawaiʻi and Pihanakaʻikena o Kauaʻi Cultural Practitioner, Sean Chun joined us to present to our community a workshop on Lāʻau Lapaʻau. The event offered participants a unique opportunity to delve into the rich heritage of Hawaiian medicinal and cultural practices, focusing on the uses of ʻōlena (turmeric) and other native plants.

Sean guided participants through the traditional, medicinal, and cultural significance of these plants, emphasizing the importance of protocol and mindfulness in the practice. Participants learned about the profound connection between the healer and the plants, and the respect required in their preparation and use.

The hands-on segment of the workshop was particularly enriching. Sean crafted poultices, brewed soothing teas, created natural dyes, and even prepared marinated chicken using ʻōlena. He even brought one participant up to showcase how to treat an inflamed and sore ankle. These activities not only showcased the versatility of these plants but also highlighted their integral role in Hawaiian culture and daily life.

We are thankful to everyone who participated and to Sean for sharing his vast knowledge!

Take a look at the video we created featuring Sean talking about the importance of being mindful when you gather plants.


Summer Adventures and Learning with Our Kauwela Keiki and Hā'ena Biocultural Internship
Iune 2024

This summer, our Kauwela Keiki Summer Program and Hāʻena Biocultural Internship are in full swing, providing enriching experiences for our keiki (children) and interns.

They've been exploring the ahupuaʻa, gaining hands-on knowledge about the interconnectedness of the ʻāina from mauka to makai. The adventures have been vast and varied, from venturing into the lower reserve of Limahuli, to fishing and diving, to hiking the beautiful trails of Hanakapiʻai. The keiki and interns have also been involved in caring for the loʻi, harvesting kalo, and cooking everything they catch and harvest.

Through these experiences, they are gaining a deep understanding of how all parts of the environment are interconnected and how their actions impact the ʻāina. They are learning to foster their pilina with the land, ensuring that they can continue to care for and feed their ʻāina long after the program ends.

This summer, the keiki and interns are not only developing practical skills but also nurturing a lifelong connection to their cultural heritage and the environment, empowering them to become stewards of the land.

Take a look at a reflection post our intern Piko made:

Here’s a message to mark Week 2 of the internship from one of our interns, Piko:

“Mahalo to the Division of Aquatic Resources for having us for an exciting day at Hanalei river testing the health of an estuary using EDNA and catching and measuring different species of fish.🤙🏾🤙🏾”

Take a look at a video our intern Tati put together:

Week 3 of Hāʻena Biocultural Internship, message from our intern Tati:

“This week we had some fun farming! We planted maiʻa, worked with ʻuala, and did some work in the lo’i. We got to process the kalo we harvested for paʻi ʻai!”

Song credit:

Bob Marley & The Wailers - Jamming

Take a look at a video one of our kumu's made featuring uncle Billy:

The Hā‘ena Kauwela Keiki wants to send a big mahalo to Uncle Hanalei and Uncle Lionel for sharing fish with them. Endless gratitude to the Hermosura and Ornellas 'ohana for bringing us ‘ahi and akule so that we could learn some of the cleaning, cutting, and prepping techniques to make raw fish and fry fish with Uncle Billy. He taught us about mahele and numbers / counting. He spoke about what makes Hā‘ena memorable and what our community is famous for: We are known for feeding and being gracious hosts. Sharing. Abundance. Skill and excellence.

Uncle Billy is the Assistant Director of the Hui Maka‘āinana o Makana and they say he is a great chef too! He was able to share with us how he makes spicy ahi - our favorite - and clean akule to fry. We had some visitors from O‘ahu and Oregon State University, we were really happy to be able to share with them!

Ma‘ana nō!

Outro music: @thevitals808


Visitor Spotlight

A Special Mahalo

To Honolulu Community College

Who came out on 4 Iune 2024

On 4 Iune 2024, we welcomed a group of students from the Honolulu Community College's Poʻi Na Nalua Native Hawaiian Career & Technical Education Program. With bright smiles and an eagerness to get into the loʻi, these guys helped us weed the loʻi and auwai while learning about the natural and cultural resources of Hāʻena.

A Special Mahalo

To PALS & PLACES from Waiʻanae

Who came out on 25 Iune 2024

On 25 Iune 2024, we welcomed a group of students with the PALS & PLACES internship program for high schoolers from Waiʻanae and Nānākuli. We shared the history of Hāʻena with these students and helped them get their hands dirty in the auwai before taking them to hauwa (cold pond).

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Description: The Hui is recruiting a Makai Watch Coordinator who will be responsible for the implementation and oversight of the Hoaʻāina o Hāʻena Makai Watch program including raising public awareness, community outreach, shoreline observations, data collection, and incident reporting, and to oversee and coordinate the active stewardship of marine and coastal resources under the Hāʻena CBSFA.

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