Aloha ʻĀina. ʻOhana. Mālama. Lokahi. Kōkua. Ma ka hana ka ʻike.  

Our Objectives and Goals

A. Rejuvenation of Cultural Values & Restoration of Cultural Practices

  • Provide cultural education programs

  • Perpetuate traditional festivities, gatherings, and ceremonies

  • Restore Wahi Pana (sacred places) within the Hāʻena State Park

  • Revive traditional ways of stewardship and management

B. Empowerment of Indigenous Hawaiian Families and Community

  • ʻOhana council advisory 

  • Hands-on educational programs and apprenticeships

  • Resource management training workshops and programs

C. Stewardship of our Resources

  • Cultural sites

  • flora & fauna

  • loʻi kalo (taro patches)

  • freshwater

  • fisheries 

Photos by: Kim Moa

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